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Contemporary Earth Day Art To View By Miabo Enyadike

This blog has been updated Contemporary Earth Day Art Inspired by 2017, Earth day Protest Earth day was protested over the weekend and I sat at home and watched on TV, all the protest around the world and read  some Op-eds  on  why this particular 2017, earth day protest is needed. It aimed to emphasis the need for science and funding for research on how to create Jobs and sustainability around climate change and reduction of global carbon emissions, because of climate change deniers and defunding for research.             Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard;         Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike Also how all this is pivotal to sustaining our well being as humans and for our planet which by the way is under all sorts of threat.            Title:Shadows; Ink on Cardboard;  Abstract Expression;Miabo Enyadike As I watched and saw all the signs made and carried by the protesters,  I was amazed at the sheer audacity of the number of people who came out.     

Poster ideas that artists need by Miabo Enyadike

Poster ideas that artists need This is how Orange flowers, art by miabo enyadike  MAKING POSTERS WITH YOUR ART CAN INCREASE REVENUE  FOR  ARTISTS - THIS IS HOW ARTISTS FOCUS: Artists focus in general look for ways to monetize their art so that it helps their bottom line. The exhibitions come and go, the commissions might come or may not that is why as artists we continue to work so that we have enough art to take care of all avenues, we hope to make money from. In my somewhat 28 yrs of being a professional artist and a dealer, putting my artworks out there has been both challenging and rewarding at the same.  There are a lot more avenues now that artists can use to monetize their artwork, being an Artists now couldn't be more rewarding as the internet evolves and makes art selling a lot easier.                     Abstract Art Poster by Miabo Enyadike ARTISTS OPPORTUNITIES The opportunities out there for the artists are huge and tremendous that we ar

Contemporary Abstract art Portraits to view By Miabo Enyadike

Contemporary Abstract art Portrait to view                     Lately, I have decided to create Art on any surface that interest me. Some how it's being quite exciting picking up, textured surfaces and working on them. This leaves me free of thinking out the process or colours deeply and no! before sketching!. I just paint what my imagination brings forth on any surface. For me it is a journey of discovery and one I'm enjoying. It ignites in me, a kind of creativity and freedom to express myself even on a crumbled piece of paper and still feel good about it.      The portrait of a woman; mixed media art;miabo enyadike. Last weekend, I picked up newspapers that had been left out under the rain, by the gate house where I live.  They were wet and torn but they had an appeal to me. I particularly liked the texture,  the wet crumbled newspaper had and the fact that it was a surface that appealed to me instantly.            The portrait of a woman; mixed media

Presentation by Miabo Enyadike during the 1st World Art Resilience Meeting on March 27, 2021

  Presentation by Miabo Enyadike during the 1st World Art Resilience Meeting on March 27, 2021 Woman Ink on Paperboard By Miabo Enyadike Parmanent Collection Musee de Resilience, St Frajou, France. My Statement My name is  Miabo Enyadike , a fine artist, an art lifestyle blogger and a workshop instructor. I am from Nigeria but presently I reside in Johannesburg South Africa,where I live with my husband and Kids, so I am fortunate to practice my art in both my country Nigeria and South Africa.  I am pleased to be here and be part of this ecosystem of artists at this time.   As an Artist with an experience of over 28 years in the profession, this last year was a really trying year for Artists especially in my continent.But I will narrow it down to Nigeria where I am from and practice  my art profession also.  The artists in Nigeria were hit hard, they experienced a change in attitude from collectors who demanded half the prices for their works and huge debts and bills that had to be paid