Purple flower Design Accessories to shop- By Artmiabo

By - Miabo Enyadike

 Purple flower Design Accessories to shop

Abstract artists always depict a subject in an unusual way creating a different narrative about a familiar subject matter. 

In my research on flowers which I love dearly and have painted in all mediums severally, I found a perennial purple flower 'Lapeirousia oreogena' which is home to South Africa. It is quite a small flower but quite striking to look at.

 I loved it immediately when I saw them in a friends garden and I decided mentally, to paint it in an abstract expressionistic way.

 For me it was more about the bold purple and also the ways I could further preserve it in my memory and how I was going to use this abstract art floral painting.

 It turned out to be a beautiful abstract art painting. I then decided to place it on products in my 
for purchase.

When I painted this abstract art purple flower, I knew it would be nice on products, that people use often and are familiar with.

The calmness of the abstract art purple flowers, I painted with Ink on paperboard, was a simple homage to spring time in Johannesburg, where I live.
  Now, what if I told you there's a way to capture that feeling, that essence, and infuse it into your everyday life?

Let me take you on a journey to the vibrant hills of South Africa, where a small yet captivating perennial purple flower, Lapeirousia oreogena, blooms. Picture this: a flower so dainty, yet so bold in its purple attire that it feels like a piece of art itself. I stumbled upon this gem in a friend's garden and immediately felt the urge to immortalize its beauty.

But wait, I didn't want to paint it in the usual way. No, my creative mind had other plans – plans that involved abstract expressionism. I wanted to capture not just the image of the flower, but its soul, its spirit, its message. I dipped my brush into the colors of imagination and painted the flower in a way that gave it a new narrative, a narrative that spoke of dreams and emotions, of springtime and memories.

And guess what? It turned out to be a an abstract piece, a burst of purple hues that told a story only the heart could understand. But I didn't want to keep this masterpiece locked within the confines of a canvas. No, I wanted it to spread its wings and touch lives in ways I couldn't have imagined.

So, I embarked on a creative adventure and turned my abstract artwork into something you can hold, use, and cherish. Imagine sipping your morning espresso from a cup that holds the calmness of spring mornings. Envision decorating your space with throw pillows that whisper tales of blooming flowers. Feel time slowing down as you glance at a floral clock that captures the essence of a vibrant garden. And why not send a piece of art along with your heartfelt words through beautifully crafted note cards?

Friends, it brings me immense joy to introduce you to my world, a world where abstract art meets everyday products, a world where the language of flowers is translated into a symphony of colors and forms. These products aren't just things; they're messengers of emotion, carriers of joy, and tokens of connection.

Whether you're in Johannesburg or halfway across the world, my art can now be a part of your life, your routine, your cherished moments. It's my way of sharing a piece of my heart with you all. So, go ahead, pick a piece of this floral enchantment, let it weave its magic, and may your days be painted with the vibrant strokes of love and creativity.

Remember, in the presence of these abstract purple flowers, a silent message resides – a message that says, "I know the feeling, you know the feeling, we all know the feeling when we are in the presence of beautiful flowers." So, let's embrace this feeling, let's celebrate the ordinary turned extraordinary, and let's infuse our lives with a touch of abstract floral magic.

As an abstract artist living in Johannesburg, I love the fact that this simple floral art of mine can be shared with everyone....Enjoy.

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           Miabo Enyadike

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