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Tidal waves, miabo enyadike
                                    Tidal Waves, Miabo Enyadike

I love Sea gazing ( if I can describe watching the sea as that), for someone who can't swim it is really ironic. Being on the beach is a no brainer if I'm on holidays, I love to watch the waves go up and down like a rhythm. 

Sometimes they are really huge, and different color reflections, embody these waves and I'm always in awe of nature's power to create Art, out of nothing and best our imagination!

This is a large abstract seascape painting made with Ink on recycled smooth paperboard with an emphasis on climate change and rising sea levels. I hope to bring awareness to that, through art.



Miabo Enyadike

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flower Poster by Miabo Enyadike

burgundy color gradeA cotton throw pillow

                                    Art Poster by miabo enyadike

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Folk Portrait Abstract Art, Miabo Enyadike

Folk Portrait Abstract Art, Miabo Enyadike

Folk Portrait Abstract Art, Miabo Enyadike

Folk Portrait Abstract Art, Miabo Enyadike

I enjoy the subject of drawing people, I kind of see people differently from the lens of an Abstract artist. Everyone is beautiful in my eyes, I just don't care what anyone else thinks in regards to how I see people.

This is an African Folk Portrait Abstract Painting of a couple dressed in matching attire a look, that is common in west Africa.

I have worn such matching attire myself with family and friends alike, it show support for each other and appreciation of your friends and family. Its no wonder I was compelled to make an art out of the essence of it all.

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Miabo Enyadike

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All art turned in posters, prints and wall art, are paintings, drawings and sketches of Abstract Artist Miabo Enyadike.

Miabo Enyadike