Art Exhibition- Joburg Fringe 2017

Art Exhibition- Joburg Fringe 2017

Once again the Joburg Fringe is here and  even more exciting. I will be exhibiting a series of flowers in the vase alongside other brilliant Artist, we invite you to come view our Art and support the Artists.....Enjoy

                                    Flowers in a Vase by miabo enyadike
WHEN 6 – 10 September 2017 

WHERE Victoria Yards, 24 Victoria Road corner Viljoen, Lorentzville, Johannesburg.   Entrance on Viljoen St.    Off-street parking. 

OPENING Wed. 6th September 4pm 

OPENING HOURS 10am-4pm 7-10 Sept

Joburg Fringe Juried Artists:

Bryan Whitney / Bumba & Andre / Calabash Stone Products – Elliot Hlongwane / Cedric Vanderlinden / Dumisani Jere /Edition Vary, Freeflow, Printing Girls:  Brenda Spagnoletti / Cheryl Goslett / Carly Burk /
Miabo Enyadike/ Lebohang Sithole / Jenny Strong / Amy van den Berg / Bianca Rathbone / Dalila De Matos / Hilary Bateman / Marlene Carpenter / Renee Johannes / Stefan Smit / Tarran Sanders. Eve de Jong / Ngopoleng Moloi / Hummingbirds: Mimi van de Merwe / Minitza van der Walt / Lein Smuts / Deirdre Botha / Nellien Brewer / Hetta Pieterse / James Thomas & Jemma Rose / Nkosinathi Khumalo / Daniel Novela Art  / Rob Mills / Taking a Stand: Bonolo Kavula / Claudia Shneider / Graeme Williams / Niklas Zimmer. Ulrich Diezmann / Michelle Loukidis

Young Capital:
Our annual Guest Curator Show, curated by Mbali Tshabalala &

Zanoxolo Sylvester Mqeku titled 'WHITE NOISE' 

Gift Center


Abstract Expressionism Art to View by Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Expressionism Art to View

In one of my Abstract art moments, I decided to create collage off some of my abstract art paintings overtime.

They include colors and lines, faces,people,fashion illustrations and Events all in abstract art . 

Each collage is created from an abstract art in a series in order to tell a story, with very vivid colors using Ink as the medium and recycled paper boards.

Art is for us to enjoy and explore new ways to tell our stories and experiences, the way we see it and our pure understanding of our environment and society.

As for me, I'm always inspired by Nature and Humanity expressed in abstract art.....Enjoy

     Circles, lines and Colors'  Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

  'People' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

                Silhouette Faces' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

        Nature' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

  Flowers in a Vase' Abstract Art by miabo enyadike

Fashion illustration by miabo enyadike

Check out more Abstract Art


International Exhibition - Art Resilience

Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou, Saint Frajou, France.

12-28 August 2017

I will be showing two of my works 
Titled; Ladies faces/Expressions; Abstract Art.

Titled; Ladies faces/Expressions; Abstract Art, Ink on paperboard, 2016, Miabo Enyadike.



 I draw faces in a way that is uncomplicated  and easy to read in a rather caricature way though not comical. My emphasis is more on the features that reflect the personality of the ladies through their facial expressions without being too rigid but to create a sense of fluidity,by using vivid colors on these faces and still show a human side.. 
My aim is to create an abstract painting, yet one that captures the human face and its unique individual expressions in its true form.

Below is the museum Press Release, come visit and support the Artists.....Enjoy.

Dear friends, We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the International Art Resilience Exhibition                           12 August 2017 at 6 pm With the participation of artists from Brazil, Indonesia, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Switzerland, England, Australia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey and France. For this occasion, Josette Beneteau will give a conference on resilience on August 19 at 6 pm. You can see the Salon page at: Sincerely, Ksenia Ksenia Milicevic Museum of Painting of Saint-Frajou


Inspired by Abstract drawings by Miabo Enyadike

      Inspired by Abstract drawings               

Abstract Art Doodle: by Dasaki Thompson. 

When I received this Abstract Doodle Art as a birthday present from my Aunt's son, it really was a fantastic feeling. 

 This young man, is an aspiring lawyer and not an Artist but is someone that loves and appreciates Abstract Art. 

                  Dasaki'  Doodle Abstract Art Canvas Print

Dasaki' Polyester Cotton Round Pillow

Whilst we were having dinner, he created this Art on a piece of postcard size cardboard with a pen and wrote a special message to me that was so dear. 

Dasaki' Pendant light Hanging Lamp

His love for Abstract Art struck me because he was bold and unrelenting, as I watched him doodle on this piece of Cardboard paper not knowing what he was doing, let alone know it was for me.

Dasaki'  Doodle Toothbrush Set Holder

 The Joy for me was his ability to share this Art with me, without being intimidated or shy but sure that I would love it!

Dasaki'  Sturdy Spun Polyester Round Pouf

This is one of the characteristics of a typical Abstract Artist, our ability to be confident in who we are and express ourselves in the true way we see things, regardless of what anyone thinks.

                                          flowy Tee shirt

Cheers and thanks Dasaki Thompsom I turned your gift into Lifestyle......hmmm.

Check out Zazzle/Artmiabo Store to buy these doodle art accessories for the .........   Enjoy