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Get this Abstract Winter Art in | Artmiabo

 Winter Art To View and Collect The weather news report coming from abroad is really fascinating and one that is indeed amazing.  As we watch the cable news and see the snow blizzards, being described with terms like "cyclone bomb", "Hurricane snow winds", Snow blizzard and freezing temperatures of -17 degrees, we really wonder how people are coping and all the havoc this might cause going forward   Houses in Snow Blizzard  Modern Abstract Art Ink, Spray Paint, Oil Markers 77cm x 100 cm by Miabo Enyadike, 2015-2020 I really appreciate the fact that in Johannesburg where I live,it is summer right now with the weather in between rain and heat. It is really strange, that we down here are witnessing these overwhelming,  snowstorms  everywhere through the international cable news,  with the deaths involved and we are just overwhelmed, with the intense climate change that is so real. Our hearts, are with all those who are suffering and have to endure this horre

Art Inspired Trendy T-shirts to Shop | Artmiabo

            Arty Trendy T shirts to Shop  Arty T shirt collection available here The inspiration behind these abstract Art T shirts, are a freedom of self expression and the acknowledgment of the power of creativity which is spoken in different ways and mediums. VALUE T-SHIRT by artmiabo MENS T SHIRT by artmiabo Abstract design T-Shirt by artmiabo basic dark tshirt black by artmiabo LADIES 3/4 SLEEVES RAGLAN (FITTED),WHITE TRUE ROYA T-Shirt by artmiabo Ladies T-S hirt  by  artmiabo                                              Art Tee shirts by  artmiabo   Abstract Blue T shirt  Basic White T Shirt For Ladies                ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–    Miabo Enyadike

Shop these Tropical Garden Inspired Art Gifts | Artmiabo

  Shop these Tropical Garden Inspired Art Gifts Tropical gardens are always beautiful to behold.I come from an area in Nigeria, west Africa that is swampy and surrounded by rivers, in fact my state is actually called the Rivers State in Nigeria.  The plants and flowers are typical plants that grow any where in the tropics of this world. Very leafy green and palm trees are easy to locate every where.  Banana trees, tall elephant grass as they are called there, are everywhere because of swamps, creeks and water logged Areas.  I love the plants though they are not unique to my state but when ever I visit I always take photos of these plants. This time I decided to extent the photos into products, and I feel good about it. I don't know how to garden but as a lover of all things green and "planty" I thought to design a bit "greeny" botanical, tropical flowers something, that we might consider shopping this year....well just musing as usual enjoy your browsing. You ca

Artistic Gifts to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

   Artistic Gifts to Shop Silver Pocket watch with Art design by artmiabo Art gifts are always a pleasure to have because they require thoughtfulness on the part of the giver, who has an understanding of Art and the realization of the risk involved in giving an Art gift that is not understood or appreciated. To give out Art gifts, one must be thoughtful and must have great Art taste that is not only relatable but is also recognized, by family, friends, and peers.  Meaning people know and appreciate your taste for Art and they love to have some of that! The season for gift-giving is always around the corner, these Art gifts are seasoned, and classic they transcend trends, they are more style than fashionable and make great gifts to anyone who appreciates them.   The gifts I have chosen to feature were created with Artworks I have made over the years, Ink paintings, Paintings, Illustrations, fonts, abstract art, etc. that are now designed on products hence the name Art gifts.