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Why We Need More Abstract Art Out There  

 What is the meaning of  abstract art?... well the definition is relative, I will answer for myself as an abstract artist, who loves to work in abstracts. For me, it simply applies to artworks, that use colors, shapes, objects, people or physical demonstration, to convey a narrative about people, places or things.  

In a Bubble, Abstract Expressionism by Miabo Enyadike
                          In a Bubble
                                   Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike
                                      This art is available for sale

 12 Reasons why we love Abstract Art

 Abstract art, is created in a way that is not immediately understood but leaves the audience in awe and wonder, of what it is that can be explained or made out of this Art they are witnessing.

 Don't we all wonder? even experienced abstract artist, sometimes find it hard to understand the abstract art Expressionism, of another artist well, welcome to the club. 

This is, why it is abstract! meaning existing in thoughts and ideas, devoid of any reality, in essence, its all in the mind of the Artist!

Red burst Abstract, Art Mixed Media by Miabo Enyadike. 

So you the audience is left to 'understand abstract art'.
So let's try and figure out what exactly it is that tickles our fancy?  

After speaking to friends, artist alike, art enthusiasts and normal Art loving people like you and me, It was still a bit confusing.

 Anyway, I decided I love these '12 Reasons' best and pardon me if you don't agree but these are some of the reasons. 

1.  Audacity of the Artists:

This is the creative ability, of the Artist to portray an event, story, people, nature or life in a way that is unfamiliar, to anyone except the artist.

It, always leaves us, questioning and baffled at the confidence, in which the artists try to convey their own narrative, without consideration of the audience just their own perspective.

Chaos' freshwater Reefs, Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

Without permission, or consultation but a one-track mind, of their idea and belief depicted in paint, canvas and objects for us to agree or disagree, is so awesome indeed and I love that.

2. Freshness:

Come on! who doesn't love something new and spontaneous, with a free-spiritedness attached to it, in a way that is somewhat liberating......well I do.

3. Appeal:

Abstract Art, is always a draw for the audience, they just want to be the ones to applaud and figure out, in an intellectual way
what the Artist, was thinking and the reason, he came up with the idea in the first place. This must resonate with every Artist who has painted an Abstract work.

         Face unknown: Abstract Art: Ink on paperboard: Miabo Enyadike                                            SOLD

4. Mystery:

This is the aspect we love about Abstract Art, the mystery that surrounds the entire Art we are witnessing.
 Sometimes, it is so breathtaking, that it leaves us in a state of 'Euphoria' and in some kind of kindred spirit, with an Artist we haven't even met and may never meet......love that feeling.


The way Abstract Art, arouses and excites us is something to wonder. 

The idea that something so meaningless can have such power over our senses, and people are willing to pay so much money, to acquire another person perspective of life is in itself powerful and intriguing, to say the least just..... love that. 
More power to the Artist.


They say knowledge is power, sometimes if not often, Abstract Art educates the mind and draws us, out of our comfort zone into very conflicting ideas, that make us ask real questions, about life and try to see things, the other way round from a different narrative.

Distorted Society: Ink on paperboard: Abstract Expressionism Art: Miabo Enyadike
 Distorted Society: Ink on paperboard: Abstract Expressionism Art: Miabo Enyadike

7.Thought Process:

We wonder, what exactly the Artist was thinking when they decided to create either a shocking or totally confusing Art.
Yeah, we all think that sometimes. And when we are opportune, to ask the Artist, the answer is simple, that is their own perspective about an issue.

That is, just the way they see things and are brave enough, to 'Show and Tell'. For me, I always say, "Art is the way I see it" from within, regardless of how it looks in front of me.

Spitting Sun: Ink on paperboard: Abstract Expressionism  Art: Miabo Enyadike
    Spitting Sun: Ink on paperboard: Abstract Expressionism  Art: Miabo Enyadike


What message?  some would ask of an Abstract painting, they don't see any message, in it, they would say!. Until it is purchased for a whopping $110 million like Jean-Michel Basquiat's, Untitled 1982 Painting of a Skull, according to the New York times, in 2017 then, oh! it has a message worth noting. 
As an Artist, what more can I say..... I love Abstract Art and this is my message.


The freedom it provides, to create that which is your idea of something,is worth every second, spent creating an abstract artwork.

Botanical Garden, by Miabo Enyadike
 Botanical Garden, by Miabo Enyadike

10: Critics:

Wow, most dreaded and loved by the Artist. We just love, to hate the critiques but trust me they do us a favor. 
Unconsciously, they put our names, out there in their critiquing. 

They make us, better ourselves and search, for more meaning in our Art.
Just imagine, the first impressionist exhibition in Paris without the outrage of the art critics....


Yes, my favorite, the audience we need them period! they are witnesses, to our creativity and supporters, of our ideas on how life should look and feel.

They are our converts and followers, who carry our messages if any to places that create opportunities, for our abstract creativity to continue......love them.

Discord, by Miabo Enyadike
            Discord, Abstract Expressionism by Miabo Enyadike

12: Abstract Artists

Last, but not the least, are all the Artist, who have dedicated their lives and talent telling stories through their Art, telling this world and the people in it, that life is simply not black and white, but a complicated narrative, laced with colors, issues, diversity in creed and culture. 
That, still draws from us, all the same response and emotions, expecting us to form our own opinions, but still respect and appreciate our differences.

 It is easy to see all this in Abstract Art, that is why we love Abstract Art...........Enjoy.


            Miabo Enyadike.

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