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Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike

An Abstract Artists Tropical Garden Art 

Flower gardens have always being a part of humanity right from the beginning of time, it is a story told over and over again the story of the garden of Eden. 

So flower gardens as we know now are a blessing in disguise, not only are they beautiful to view it serves its own natural purposes. 
How we cultivate each flower garden is up to us as individuals, ethnicity, and culture

Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike

From country to country they differ, you have the famous English gardens, the Japanese gardens, the natural gardens of Seychelles and so on. 


My take as an artist on these lovely gardens, including the one I'm trying to create in my yard, is nature's colors and flowers are relevant to us in many ways and need to be preserved.

Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike
                  Title: Tropical Garden

The smell of beautiful flowers can never be underestimated, the colors they add to our natural aesthetics and the calm they bring to us, is no wonder artists are drawn to this subject. 

Let's not forget the reduction of carbon emissions, by the more trees we plant.  The fact that more trees preserve clean air, that is essential to us humans are some of the reasons flower gardens are indeed a blessing in disguise.

Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike

My inspiration for this art is drawn from natural palms trees growing alongside tropical plants, looking at the Bahamas, Seychelles, and even flower garden shops are where I have drawn inspiration from. 

 This art is made on 100%recycled paper boards with spray paint, acrylic and ink makers, size is 100cmx75cm, abstract art.

Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike

The colors a bit exaggerated to indicate the power of color and beauty flowers provide in our natural habitat. 
Again another indication of how it beautifies our lives and adds, aesthetics to our natural environment.

 I hope you all enjoy this art as this draws our attention to preserving the earth and keeping it in its natural beauty.

Tropical Abstract Garden Art, Miabo Enyadike

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