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These are gift items, designed with artworks done by Miabo Enyadike. Using  her signature, color inspired abstract expressionism art, to design gifts we all love to have, it is a token way of collecting her art. Chrysanthemum Flower Sleeves     $28.75   by artmiabo women's hanes comfort soft t-shirt  $34.15   by artmiabo Abstract Indigo Tote bag $29.95  by artmiabo                         Happy Holidays Jumbo Mug   $20.20 by  artmiabo        Thinking of you postcard  $1.15  by artmiabo  iPhone 11 Pro case $34.95  by artmiabo   DOODLE BY ORIG AUDIO iPhone SPEAKER iphone 11 case $30.80by artmiabo Wall Art    $145.10 Elsie Cake Stand     $51.02by artmiabo   AMERICAN APPAREL SHEER JERSEY SCARF basic sweat shirt   $34.75 by  artmiabo basic tshirt white $21.35 by artmiabo Fashion Leggings $61.60   by artmiabo

Contemporary Abstract Art Ideas By Miabo Enyadike

Ink abstract paintings Exhibition, is on display Online by Miabo Enyadike.  Each painting represents the way I see nature, humanity and events around me.  My inspiration,is drawn from every day occurrences and my influence is Abstract Expressionism.  My interpretation  of events, is simply the way it translates itself, within me.  The impression it leaves me with, is a deciding factor, on how best to convey a story and the the subtle message it carries with it.  The aim is to show people the many ways and channels that simple stories about events, culture, humanity,nature can be told just with-colorful Ink on Paper                                     COLORS GARDEN SWIRL DIAMOND FRANTIC (SOLD) CHAOS (SOLD) THE UNIVERSE POSTAGE (SOLD) BLUE SKY WITH SUN; (sold) CIRCLES AND LINES TRAVEL PARIS GARDEN