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Mixed Media Art | How to Repurposed Jean Pants 


I love to use denim as a creative  medium  for Art and also craft. 

Armed with my brushes, Paint and Glue the possibilities are endless. 


Used denim pants are my thing, the possibilities in terms of creativity is just awesome. 


First and foremost it is a soft version of canvas, so it is easy to absorb paint and you can create all sorts of textures on it.

 It is easy to sculpt into a desired effect and it really lends itself,

 to any creative process or possibilities, an artist is prepared to go with it and I love that!.

 I'm never tired of working with used denim,  it already has structure by way of the cut,  stitching and design. 


So for me as an artist,who looks out for small art projects that involve, working with any surface out there, it is a wonderful dream come true.

 I would not call it recycling, I would rather see my creativity with used denim pants as working with objects, to create Art that I love and enjoy.


Along the way, hoping to stir an emotion if any, in the minds of other creatives,

       'Life of workmen' mixed media abstract art; miabo enyadike

as myself or inspire art lovers in general......Enjoy.




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