Abstract Art Paintings to Shop By Miabo Enyadike


Abstract Art Paintings to Shop  

I sat down in my studio wondering about what is the meaning of social distancing and quarantine... what it is like to be cut off from our favorite pubs, cafes, restaurants, and malls, and it was surreal.

 One moment I am planning to participate in exhibitions in Europe and other parts of Africa, the next thing I know I'm canceling and wondering how? 

People gathering disrupted by Social Distancing (People): Abstract expressionism  by Miabo Enyadike.

This coronavirus has come upon us so rapidly and fast. As an artist who travels a lot, it's just sad reading about the huge loss of lives and lively hood. 

Some of us Artist might use this somber and confusing period to hunker down and create some of the most astonishing Art ever seen, while some of us might take stock of our art whilst preparing for the worst! 

 My challenge is both, and I decided that the first part for me is preferable to the second.

 I would rather create art that is colorful and relays subtle messages of comfort, family, and humanity. 

                             Siblings (family): abstract expressionism by Miabo Enyadike

'Siblings' Colorful Abstract; Ink, Spray Paint, Stencil and Marker on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

Now available in saatchiart.com

My go-to style is abstract expressionism with a lot of colors using Ink, spray paint, stencils  and markers just any medium available to me in my studio with no boundaries except interpreting the subject matter,I am painting.

                    Confusion (Swirl) abstract expressionism by Miabo Enyadike

Swirl: Colorful Abstract; Ink, on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

 Now available in saatchiart.com

Most Artists are familiar with Abstract art expressionism or abstract expressionism it is an art form and the development of abstract art which originated in New York in the 1940s and 1950s and aimed at subjective emotional expression with particular emphasis on the spontaneous creative act (e.g. action painting). 
The leading figures were Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.


Quarantined (stay at home) art: by Miabo Enyadike

Home: Colorful Abstract; Ink and Marker on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike. 

Now available in saatchiart.com


I love this form of action painting, the bottom line is there is a method to this madness and events, issues and humanity are recorded in ways through this art. 

Chicken has come home to roost; art by Miabo Enyadike

Mother Hen: Colorful Abstract; Ink and Marker on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike. 

Now available in saatchiart.com

My art is created in Ink mostly, your art might be in oil, pastel, acrylic, or whatever medium that appeals to you, if your style is abstract expressionism that means we all understand subjective emotional expressionist.

This style allows us to send a subtle message to people, our audience, buyers, art galleries, collectors and viewers of our artworks.

Part to Nowhere art: by Miabo Enyadike

              Path to Nowhere art: by Miabo Enyadike Path To Nowhere: Colorful Abstract; Ink and Marker on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike. 

Now available in saatchiart.com

 Letting them know that we see them and we all in this together...whatever the situation our art will always be the messengers of hope, storytelling, joy, and togetherness.

Hope: (skyline) art by Miabo Enyadike
                                                                 Hope: (skyline) art by Miabo Enyadike

Skyscape: Colorful Abstract; Ink and Marker on Paperboard by Miabo Enyadike. Now available in saatchiart.com