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How To Blend Books & Art In a Small Space

As an Artist and Interior decorator I get inspirations from the books I read and collect. These books mostly are biographies, fiction, design, art and 'How to books'.

I am always on the lookout for books that are relevant to my craft so I am forever collecting.

The whole collecting of books makes my space crammed but I love my books and I want to share them with friends and guest alike.

 The daunting task was how to create a space that would blend both my books and Art together without it being 'cramped'.

That I was able to achieve for my space when

Recently, I read an article in an interior decor 
magazine, about shelves making a comeback.

These bookshelves, I read about were really 
well made and looked more like Art, than shelves.
That was a delight for me. 


Gone are the days when books were arranged in sturdy built, boring looking shelves that didn't add flair to a room,
 they were

 rather intimidating and daunting just looking at 

Books these days, are part of home decor accessories, 

 they are stylish to have on coffee tables, as a pile or
 scattered around cute shelves in a space.


They create a chic space, that says a lot about 
the style of the individual, inhabiting that space.

 Having said that, this has inspired me to show how,

 I have blended my books and Art in my own space. 

I love books and I am an Artist what can I  say. Enjoy

Miabo Enyadike

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