Artist Tips To Easy Watercolor Art by Miabo Enyadike

Artist Tips To Easy Watercolor Art

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All Artists I presume, use these watercolor tips,they are easy and ensure an easy approach to a watercolor painting.

This blog does not teach you how to use watercolor, instead it gives tips on preparation for a watercolor painting.

As an artist myself I use these tips always, before I embark on a watercolor painting.

To further learn how to use watercolor, I have books that will be resourceful and help you learn more tips and techniques going further.

Below are some the of books I recommend, that have steps on how to achieve a brilliant watercolor painting.

Anyway lets start with these quick tips that Artists use.

Watercolor Tips

-First you need either a single sheet of paper or a watercolor block.

-Dampen the paper directly before starting work, the paper is well dampened and stick it paper tape, or pin it down with tag pins.

Collins Gem 10-Minute Watercolours: Techniques & Tips for Quick Watercolours

 -A single wetting is not enough. 

 -It takes a while for dry paper to soak up enough water.

-While the paper is relatively dry before another wetting, you can lay in a few pencil outlines of your intended picture.

-The lead should not be too soft, H is about right.

Watercolor 365: Daily Tips, Tricks and Techniques

After the drawing, dampen the page again and leave it to dry while  you get the paints ready. 

Always keep 2 jars of water at hand:  one for washing out the brushes and the other, filled with clear water for the pipette or for clean brushes.

Brushes:  No 6 is OK.
Paints:     Keep them in a tin box.  Pans are more economical, but it takes longer to soften.  Tubes are simpler.
Sponge cloths or rags are needed to wipe palettes clean.

                   Watercolor Tips and Techniques

These tips will enhance your watercolor painting experience

For more tips here are a few watercolor resource
you can shop any of these books, to further learn how to use watercolor paints effectively.

                                        Watercolour Tips & Tricks

I hope this helps watercolor beginners
                             Miabo Enyadike

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