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Portrait Abstract Painting Series

Abstract Art is one massive way of self expression by an artist regarding how they see things in a different light. 

I really do love meeting new people and finding out about them and their culture, it  is just an awesome experience.

Mr and Mrs Portrait, Miabo Enyadike
Mr and Mrs Portrait, Miabo Enyadike

The painting series, I am sharing in this blog is all about people represented in a rather quirky way.

 It is just simply a colorful series, I got my inspiration for this series from Ndebele, of South Africa.

                                      Family Portrait, Miabo Enyadike

These beads are intricately made by hand and are very colorful, they give me joy every time I see one and the people are really colorful. It was a no brainer for me, when I decided to create a colorful abstract painting series of people.

Sibling Portrait, Miabo Enyadike
                                 Sibling Portrait, Miabo Enyadike

I remembered the colorful beads and applied the same vibrant and vivid colors used on these beads, on my  paintings, using Ink as my medium.

Extended Family Portrait, Miabo Enyadike
                       Extended Family Portrait, Miabo Enyadike

 I loved every bit of the experience and enjoyed making them please Enjoy......

               💖💖💖                                                                   Miabo Enyadike


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