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Chaos and Confusion 
Abstract to View and Shop

Chaos and Confusion  Abstract to View and Shop by Miabo Enyadike

 This art is inspired by nature and humanity around world. I have used colors to depict it 'the way I see it'.

It is an abstract expressionist view of how I see the natural disasters ravaging the earth right now.

This painting was made with Ink on smooth paper boards, to give these events a sense of movement, that means, it is occurring right now in our lives and we have no control over these events.

They include,our heightened emotional state right now, natural disasters, forest fires, diseases, discord in our civil societies etc, and more. I have made it available in prints so collector can have easy access to it. You can read more about this Art here↴
                    Chaos and Confusion Art blog

Art like this reminds us of the natural disaster trends that are taking place right now, really without our permission or in hindsight we should have known and prevented some of them, if only we saw it coming.


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