Extending Boundaries With Art | Miabo Enyadike

Extending Boundaries With Art 

Abstract Face of A lady, Miabo Enyadike
                                          Abstract Face of A lady

Art is Universal I always say, there are no boundaries. I make "Art the way I see it” and I work hard to make that happen. I see no trends, boundaries or genres.

Artmiabo means Art by Miabo it is a definition of who I am....So when Art RtistiQ in Singapore, sent me an invitation to be on their online gallery I was not surprised, but I sat on the invitation for weeks.

I already sell my Artworks on so many platforms from Tokyo Japan, America, Africa, Europe and my own website, but after several reminders from them, I made a decision to oblige their request and I am impressed with their professionalism.

Floating Man in Colors    Miabo Enyadike
Floating Man in Colors
Miabo Enyadike

I saw a new opportunity for my Artworks to be viewed and purchased in Southeast Asia and RtistiQ.com represents that!

So all lovers of Artmiabo can check out my newly minted art store on https://art.rtistiq.com/en/artist/miabo-enyadike if you are in Singapore God bless you as you buy my Art.

Below is the direct link 👇
Thanks to all my collectors worldwide you make these things happen for me🙏🙏🙏🙏😍

Miabo Enyadike

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