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 Other Ways Artists Sell Art Effectively

My first Art blog was published 11 years ago sometime in the month of May 2011, I had only 9 views. It was depressing, I knew nothing about blog publishing, I just assumed since I am an artist I could write about art and publish.

It took me almost a year of research and understanding that art blogs are a niche and and a lot of keywords and social sharing is required for my content to be seen no matter how good.


I equally learnt a viable lessons that people visit your Art blog because you post regularly and that Photos of your Art, Attract more interest to your content than just witting and I have kept to that righteously

The content of your Art blog is an important factor in
gaining traffic and acquiring a target audience.
Publishing your first Art article or Art opinion is a great milestone in your Art blogging career.

Forgotten Garden, Miabo Enyadike
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 Fortunately, there are several basic guidelines, which can make your Art content more effective to your audience, adored by the search engines and respected by the world of blogging.

Publishing an Effective Content

Before you begin to write anything on your blog, you should know who your target audience is and what they want.

 If you see these factors as irrelevant for your
blog because your blog is not business oriented in anyway, you must remember that if you want readers then these factors are really relevant.


Always remember that where there are readers there is something interesting to read. The only reason why people read is because they want something.

 If you really want to achieve some kind of massive
readership, you must strive to make your art content
interesting and actually what readers want.

Art by Miabo Enyadike, Sold in Zazzle

First of all, keep in mind that communication is the
key. More so, your communication must be authentic.

The time when you publish your content is also the
time when you let your true self surface. Blogs are
personal in nature and communication is the key to
being personal so Art blog should tell a story about your Art and why you are writing about it. 

The fact that each blog is unique because each writer is unique, is enough for you to not to worry about future similarities with other Art blog

Keep in mind that whatever Art topic you are
blogging about you must incorporate your personality
with your writing.

In order to create a loyal target audience, it is
important for the visitors to trust you and relate to
you. It does not necessarily entail that they know
about your personal details, but you must connect with your audience in an authentic manner.

After establishing your communication with your
audience, the content must also be credible. The Art blog must have authenticity even though credibility takes a lot of time to build.

Tulips in a Vase, by Miabo Enyadike
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The moment you begin publishing your content, which is of high value and useful to the readers, you also start establishing your authority. There will come a time when your readers ask you for advice or seek for your opinion on Art matters, this is the time when you have achieved some kind of credibility and you must use this to build your reputation as a blogger.

Art Blogging is writing but uses a different medium. There are several methods to write an Art blog.

These Include:
1.a- Lots of Art Photos for Sale and less content
   b- Interview other Artists
   c- Art Exhibitions
   d- Art Events
   F- Art Travel
   g- Guide for Artists
   h- Personal Art blog Content
    I- Art Ideas

Always remember that your blog software exists to  serve you and not to frighten you. You do not have to try blogging, with the idea that you must have the best writing skills. 

The fact it is, an art blog gives you so many ways to publish your content.You have something to say about Art, their is an audience out there waiting to see it and read it.

 2.Try visiting other established Art blogs. Visit those
blogs that interest you and pick ideas and topics from those blogs, that might be worth blogging about but remember that each individual, has their own art and creative expression. 

3.keep in mind the relevance of the topic and your

4. Use Relevant Key words and lots of pictures. If you are an artist like myself, you can create your blog around the kind of Art you make, and allow for sales to take place in your blog

5.Always keep in mind collectors who are looking to buy Art online, using the write keywords will up your blog in search engines and you will receive more views.

6.Taking into consideration, social sharing and information on how collectors can get hold of your Artwork. 

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7. With an effective brief Art content, you can run an online exhibition as a blog content, where several of your art pieces are on display, with good descriptions, subject matter and inspiration on how and why the Artworks are made.

 Leave a link or an email address where you can be contacted by possible buyers.

An Art blog is another creative space that the Artist can use to create an effective narrative around their Art, I sincerely hope this article helps in anyway....Enjoy

Artworks by Miabo Enyadike

       Miabo Enyadike
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