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By - Miabo Enyadike


Shop these Green Plants Inspired Art and Gifts

Green plants are always beautiful to behold.I come from an area in Nigeria, west Africa that is swampy and surrounded by rivers, in fact my state is actually called the Rivers State in Nigeria.

 The plants and flowers are typical plants that grow any where in the tropics of this world. Very leafy green and palm trees are easy to locate every where.

 Banana trees, tall elephant grass as they are called there, are everywhere because of swamps, creeks and water logged Areas.

 I love the plants though they are not unique to my state but when ever I visit I always take photos of these plants. This time I decided to extent the photos into products, and I feel good about it.

I don't know how to garden but as a lover of all things green and "planty" I thought to design a bit "greeny" botanical, tropical flowers something, that we might consider shopping this year....well just musing as usual enjoy your browsing.

You can shop all these at my Zazzle Store

Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper

Botanical Garden Art Canvas Print

Elegant Green Birthday Wishes  Holiday Card

Elegant Red Floral  Ceramic Ornament

Custom Elegant  Latte Mug

Elegant Botanical Birthday Wishes Postcard

Flower Garden Art Canvas Print

Rustic Christmas  Ceramic Ornament

Botanical Garden Wall art

Elegant Floral Birthday Card

Garden Wall Canvas Print

Botanical Garden Wall Canvas Print

Elegant Garden Rustic  Ceramic Ornament

Botanical Gift Wrapping Paper Sheets

Botanical Gift Wrapping Paper Sheets

Miabo Enyadike

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