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  Abstract Art Portrait to Shop

Breaking the Glass ceiling 
 Abstract Portrait 

 Abstract Portrait
 by Miabo Enyadike

This art is inspired by women who are ambitious, strong, intelligent and self made, yet vulnerable in the same society that has given them the opportunity to excel.

 Most women can identify with this kind of daily struggle. With their hard won success, they still fight for equality and a sit at the table.

Breaking the Glass ceiling | Abstract Portrait by Miabo Enyadike

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This abstract expressionist painting, is made with Ink paint, on paper board, random application of Ink, spray paint, stencil and  fluorescent marker. 

Breaking the Glass ceiling | Abstract Portrait by Miabo Enyadike

The black stencil back ground is referencing the society in which she has emerged from,difficult yet enduring as she shatters the glass ceiling. 

Breaking the Glass ceiling 

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