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 Expressionist Art Flowers 


Abstract Expressionism is a way for me to express my art inspirations, I have always wanted so much color in my paintings, I don't know about most artists, but my art comes alive in my eyes when the colors burst wild.

 I found comfort in the expressionist style of art, where color creates form and is entwined with action, this style allows me to express my inspirations and ideas in a way that is different but not far fetched. 

In this floral series I find myself once again wondering if I am really an expressionist, or an artist still battling to find a style that satisfies my yearn for color, so I am back to floral paintings, in Abstract Expressionism or simply just creating in my own style maybe?

Abstract floral paintings in expressionism, is way a I can depict a flower plant in a different perspective, colorful, bold and extend a new narrative about how flowers can be represented in Art. 


  I create art this way,more with an expressionistic style, allowing color to be the driving force behind the painting. 

These abstract flower paintings, where made with Ink on paperboard, the inspiration is Spring and the aim is to give the audience a different perspective on flower paintings, maybe just maybe, something different yet artistic....I hope you enjoy viewing, please drop a comment too.

Miabo Enyadike

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