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 Modern Abstract Art | Blue Silhouette 

Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette  By  Miabo Enyadike
 Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette  By  Miabo Enyadike

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The blue silhouette woman painting is an abstract expressionism painting made with Ink, spray paint, stencil on paper board.

 This painting is set in a cultural backdrop where certain women are not recognized in their society other than being mothers and wives.

 I see them as shadows who are ignored and just passing through life like Silhouettes.

Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette   By  Miabo Enyadike
                  Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette   By  Miabo Enyadike

The reason for the title Blue Silhouette is inspired by the fact that the color blue is cool and calm. 

It is the color of the sky that these women live under, and look up to when in despair, and the color of the sea that is part of their landscape. 

Color Blue is often associated with depth and stability, I felt it the right color to paint this story about women.

Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette   By  Miabo Enyadike
               Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette By Miabo Enyadike

 It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven that these women need and embody, to navigate the hand that is dealt them in their lives.




Artistic Creations By Miabo Enyadike

Artistic Creations 

Artmiabo Photos

These days when I take my morning long walks an exercise I truly need, for all kinds of reasons one of being to keep an active and sound exercise regiment, the other for me to pick discarded stuff of interest along the way back home.

Artmiabo Photos

I pick these objects some small and some big because I see Art on them and giving what I have accumulated a new lease of life is exciting to me.

Artmiabo Photos

This kind to Art work is my true passion and one that is refreshing always to me.

Artmiabo Photos


 The picking of stuff, discarded is my main
 motivation to walk every morning no matter the weather. 
When I don't take my usual walks, it seems I missed something big that day, that could be part of my life.

Artmiabo Photos

I know, I get  the strangest and odd looks here and there by motorist and other people walking, running or biking, I'm just not fazed. Instead I'm even more determined there is a need to collect these objects.

Artmiabo Photos


The month of August is a windy winter month in Johannesburg and some days could really be freezing and discouraging with my fingers frozen in the cold, but I'm determined to at least look forward to seeing something that is Art to me, that's being discarded.

Artmiabo Photos


 I don't do much work in the month of August it is a time for me to rest, enjoy my family and take stock of all the Art I have made the first and second quarter of the year and clean out my studio space again.

Artmiabo Photos


Whilst taking stock and cleaning, by the way not an easy task I came across some of the discarded objects that I had transformed into Art, earlier this year and decided to blog about them and share them with you.

Artmiabo Photos

To create these 'objects of Art', I used old disused wood, acrylic paint, spray paint and glue to transform these objects into Art.

I term this Art the 'Life' series because it has to do with my life passion, to transform the discarded item to some sort of Art.

Artmiabo Photos

Also to create a sense of wonder in our minds about the things we acquire and discard, what part they may play in someone
else's life. 

I love what I have made out of these finds,I hope you can be inspired by them...Enjoy! 

 Miabo Enyadike

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Man sees colors, abstract painting by miabo enyadike

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This painting references all the wonderful stories about people suffering from color blindness and how they felt when they saw color for the first time, through special surgeries made to enhance their sight.

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This abstract Expressionist Painting is available in saatchiart.com, were I am listed and have an online gallery,selling my art, there you can purchase,with discounts as much as 15% available and shipping is inclusive in the price you are paying, with a return policy also available to collectors.


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