Introducing Wood Sculptor Adebisi Adebayo, AMIAF'S 2024 Awardee

By - Miabo Enyadike


Wood Sculptor Adebisi Adebayo,  AMIAF'S 2024 Awardee

Introducing Wood Sculptor Adebisi Adebayo,  An AMIAF'S 2024 Awardee

Ms Adebisi Adebayo

Ms Adebisi Adebayo: A wood sculptor, Adebisi came to our attention through Facebook, and her craft's significance was immediately evident. As a female carver in Nigeria, she not only inspires but also sparks crucial conversations about diversity and the role of women in what may seem like a predominantly male domain.

Adebisi brought a breath of fresh air to the 2022 edition of the Amiaf Art Festival, captivating the audience with her live carving skills. Since then, she has carved a niche for herself in her own sculptor's odyssey.

Wood Carving | Adebisi AdebayoWood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo

Wood Carving | Adebisi AdebayoWood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo

 Artists like Adebisi remind us of an era far gone, when wood carvers were looked upon, as the greatest artists in the traditional African society.

Adebisi, as she is known is a wood carver with many years of apprenticeship and training.

She is preserving the traditional technique of wood carving. What was so amazing to me, was the fact that she is a woman in a field that is highly discriminatory and masculine.

Wood Carving | Adebisi AdebayoWood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo

 Traditional African carvers are not known to be women, Adebisi is changing that idea and showing women and young girls, that their is a career path in this aspect of visual art and it is indeed inspiring and a breath of fresh air to those of us Artists and collectors, who support and collect these kinds of wood carvings. 

Wood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo

We also know that some of Picasso's inspirations came from African wood carvings like these, this is the reason why artists like Adebisi matter.

Wood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo

Brief Artist Bio

Adebisi Adebayo is a trained wood carver she was an apprentice to Tairu Bankole who was an apprentice to Ganiyu Fakeye for a couple of years and now a master wood carver on her own. Her future plans is to promote traditional and modern wood works in Africa.

Wood Carving | Adebisi Adebayo
Adebisi Adebayo


AMIAF 2024.

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Artmiabo International Art Festival 2024
Theme: "The Sculptor's Odyssey"
Date: 29th April- 1st May, 2024
Venue: Ebonylife Place, Victoria Island Lagos

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