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Abstract Art Silhouettes by Artmiabo

Abstract Art Silhouettes

Abstract Silhouette Art is a way to paint a subject without defining it's reality. 

The inspiration behind these Abstract Silhouettes come from shadows that reflect from people. I have an interest in shadows and it is baffling how different it is from the real human. Though it forms its reflection from a human body its dark and Silhouette reflection of the human body is an interesting subject.  

A silhouette, is described as an outline or dark shape of someone, or something visible in poor light against a brighter background according to Oxford Dictionary.

 My silhouettes are the opposite, they are bright, colorful, vivid and animated and I love that.

Women Abstract silhouette is an art I create often, I either create a face or a figure, most times in Abstract silhouette and it is color driven. 

My love for this particular subject is simple I am a woman, a female artist obsessed with what women are interested in or barriers they are breaking.

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

 I have curated several of my female Paintings, they are Semi-nude illusion, Abstract face silhouettes and the Lady silhouette Paintings, each one inspired by women who are confident in who they are and what they represent and these paintings show the diversity in women.

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

All  these Abstract silhouette paintings are color driven, bold and vivid to demonstrate the strength in each woman. 

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

The point here is to create art that celebrates women of diverse age, attitude, and personality, I really love this diversity in women as we are not a monolith species, we are different in our own ways and influence each other differently. 

I create Abstract silhouette Paintings, with Ink on smooth paper boards and these abstract expressionism paintings are no different. 

They where all made with Ink on smooth 100% recycled boards that are durable and strong. 

 And each of these paintings can be found in where I sell my art and showcase my Art portfolio. 

Abstract Silhouette Art| Blue Silhouette 

Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette  By  Miabo Enyadike

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The blue silhouette woman painting is an abstract expressionism painting made with Ink, spray paint, stencil on paper board.

 This painting is set in a cultural backdrop where certain women are not recognized in their society other than being mothers and wives.

 I see them as shadows who are ignored and just passing through life like Silhouettes.

Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette   By  Miabo Enyadike

The reason for the title Blue Silhouette is inspired by the fact that the color blue is cool and calm. 

It is the color of the sky that these women live under, and look up to when in despair, and the color of the sea that is part of their landscape. 

Color Blue is often associated with depth and stability, I felt it the right color to paint this story about women.

 It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven that these women need and embody, to navigate the hand that is dealt them in their lives.

Abstract Silhouette Art

I observe people, especially women and the profile of a woman is such that it reflects more of who we are than our front facial expressions. 
That silent twitching of the lips or subtle frown or silent smile is easy to capture in our side profile. 

This Silhouette of a woman painting is no different her emotions are easy to read, though not obvious, her Silhouette speaks for itself.

This is an Abstract Art Expressionism, made with Ink on Smooth paperboard, the Ink is gently dropped on the paper to create depth and texture.

 Abstract Silhouette Face Ideas 

Abstract Silhouette Face Ideas

"A silhouette, is described as an outline or dark shape of someone, or something visible in poor light against a brighter background"- Oxford 

My Abstract silhouettes are the opposite, they are bright, colorful, vivid and animated and I love that."


Ink, is a medium that I use often for my Art. I love the way it interprets, my thoughts and elevates my creativity. 

Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

I work, with colors and I like to express my Art,
 that way. 

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

My ability, to simply define my narrative on any subject with Ink droplets, is what makes my Art different.

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

It is, a way for me to convey a message about issues, people, events in an abstract way that involves the audience curiosity because that is the whole essence in the first place.

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

I am a fine Artist and Interior Decorator, whose work is primarily centered on nature, humanity, lifestyle and events.

Abstract Silhouette Art by Artmiabo

My work lays, emphasis on color and abstract expressions. It is interpreted, in a unique subjective visual impression, leaving no boundaries, except an idea of the subject matter.

Jekyll and Hyde, 2015, SOLD Miabo Enyadike

 Art has always been for me, the way I see it, in total Abstraction!

Lady, 2015, Miabo Enyadike

To find out which Abstract Silhouette Art is available please click on photos.

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