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Mother and Child
Abstract Art,Ink on Paperboard, Miabo Enyadike

Modern Abstract | Blue Art Story   

Art is what tells the story of the past and enlightens our minds about the present.

 Through Art we are able to understand that History does repeat itself. And these historical events could be recorded in the form writing, storytelling, folklore, film, Photography and in my case Abstract Art.

The series I have created is one that both tells true events and depicts our Humanity and Nature as they are right now. Everything we know or believe in is questioned.

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 Family  Migration, painting
by Miabo Enyadike

I love to create art that is inspired by humanity and nature, lately, our humanity is questioned and our natural environment is at stake. 


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This Art series depicts an Abstract rendition of Mother and Child, An Abstract rendition of Family Migration and Climate Change are topics we wake up to every day in our daily lives.

                               ART FOR SALE
Mother and Child, Abstract Expressionism, Painting  by Miabo Enyadike
                                            Mother and Child, Abstract Expressionism, Painting
                                                              by Miabo Enyadike

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 These are issues that affect us somehow regardless of belief. 



As we reflect on the Amazon burning and taking with it 20% of the world's oxygen, one wonders what next and what are the measures put in place to prevent these environmental tragedies.

                                      Chaos & Destruction, Abstract Expressionism, by Miabo Enyadike

As an Abstract Artist, the least I can do is create awareness through my Art stressing on Issues that bother on our humanity right now.


I made these paintings as a series with Ink on paperboard, I used blue Ink color because it Symbolizes what we all need at this point which is Calmness, Trust,  Loyalty, and Strength, using our God giving Wisdom to make decisions together that serves us all in good light...Enjoy


                           Miabo Enyadike

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