Abstract Artist Mixed Media Art to view By Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Artist Mixed Media Art    

 As an abstract artist, mixed media art is always a form of creativity that most artists explore once in a while, and I love that. This art project is a combination of tribal African symbols on wood boards and abstract art on used shopping bags.

From the Cape (South Africa) to Cairo (Egypt) I mean entire Africa, there are traditional symbols that indicate a previous culture or people.

Some of these symbols can be interpreted to mean something significant, while some are mere decorative symbols, that are still in use today for traditional ceremonies or decorative purposes.

Using these symbols that are very familiar here in Africa was natural for me and lifting them into contemporary Art was even more exciting.

The shopping bags were ideas of using waste to create Art since I have quite a lot of bags I don't need. It felt good to put them to work and purpose that adds value. 

I created abstract art on them with acrylic paint, using the fluid painting method and simply attached the tribal Art to the fluid painting.




 My aim simply is to reiterate the possibilities out there to create Art, in our time as contemporary artists, we try to explore every material available to us to create that which is appreciated...Enjoy 



                                Miabo Enyadike

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