Tie Dye Abstract Painting Silhouettes of Women By Miabo Enyadike

Tie Dye Abstract Painting Silhouette of Women

What can I say, about how colourful the women of Africa are, when it comes to traditional dresses or national attires.

 The intricate colors, integrated into the fabric is so beautiful and deeply fascinating.

Every tribe, community, village, country in this continent can boast of its own traditional colours, that sets them apart from the other.
 As  an African woman the colours in our fabrics, are our heritage and one we hold truly dear.

 As an Artist, I have painted silhouettes of women covered in colourful fabrics, eliminating from the paintings any physical features.

 My aim is to represent the fabrics, in there true form because for us its not the Style, Shape or Form its about the heritage and tradition....ENJOY. 

            Miabo enyadike


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