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New Africa Map Art To View By Miabo Enyadike

New Africa Map Art To View  As an Abstract Artist, this is how I see Africa..." As a Painter's Palette where different Vibrant Tones fused together creates a kaleidoscope of bold colors that can only be found within our Continent"...Miabo Enyadike Title: Africa  Mixed Media, Abstract Expressionism                                                                      By Miabo Enyadike. *This Art is Available For Purchase now*  I love my Africa,  the dusty streets, the simplicity of the people,  the ceremonies that last for days with no reason at all, except the need to celebrate a cultural event.  The communal feast and the beautiful array of colors that are reflected in our culture. Africa is rugged, no matter where you see it, from Cape to Cairo that is what makes it interesting and fascinating, to want to experience this ruggedness and just want to embrace it and polish it, into something beautiful.  Title: Africa  Mixed Media