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Christmas Arts and Crafts Market 2020 | Artmiabo

 Christmas Arts and Crafts Market 2020 by Artmiabo    Christmas season is by the corner again, shopping for the season starts soon. I will be hosting a Christmas Arts/Crafts market this year with loads of beautiful handcrafted items by Artmiabo in my home country Nigeria.  Other crafters and artists will be there also, it truly will be a display of unique and desirable items befitting the season.  I have curated a few on this blog for you to have a glimpse and be enthused to attend if you are in Lagos...Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas already. Christmas Decor on Stretched Canvas Christmas Teddy with a Message Christmas Pinecone decor Led light bottle decor Decor bottles Flowers in a bowl Christmas Hanging Pinecones                                         Keyrings and bag accessories Christmas Decor                                                    Mini flowe