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Artist Ogunlesi Paul Oyetunde By Miabo Enyadike

My Artist focus for this month of September, is Ogunlesi Paul Oyetunde, a young Nigerian Artist whose artworks are inspired by humanity and his immediate society. His style of painting is focused on Portraiture and an honest expression of the human face, with regards to real people portraying real expressions.  I can relate to Ogunlesi's realistic paintings of expressions with emotions and how he draws inspiration from people because I am also inspired by the human expressions and faces around me, I just create mine in the abstract.  The reason, I think Ogunlesi is a young Nigerian Artist to watch is because of his focus and sheer genius of the understanding of the human face and how it is structured.  He's ability, to create wholesome portraits of his subject, that immediately tells you the story of this subject and the society they belong to and represent is telling of an artist, who not only paints well but understands the background of his subjects.