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Abstract Art Ideas For Artists | Artmiabo

  Abstract Art Ideas For Artists Ready Africa by Miabo Enyadike Old letters, old lacedfabric, collage When I set out to create a collage art, I have one thing in mind and that  is anything goes and I love that.   I collect all sorts and rummaging through charity shops, and flea markets is an absolute delight for me and an outing I so look forward too. MORNING SUN I staunchly believe, that the best vintage finds and the most amazing decor  pieces,  that could be fine tuned and turned around are found in these markets and that keeps me excited. Pine cones painted white in a vintage bottle  Every object I collect be it metal, wood, glass old fabric, anything at all is a potential Object d' Art for me, and my creative juices go on over drive and some sort of art is born.                                     These are some of the finds I collected on my numerous flea market and charity shop trips,they include, old jeans,old boards, old paper letters, old