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How to paint a flower by Miabo Enyadike

How to paint a Chrysanthemum flower Old newspaper, laying around the house or piled up in the house is sometimes distressing, specially if it is turning into a nightmare. I know once a week the paper recycling truck arrives to collect paper, but my natural hoarding instincts, refuses to let go!.   In my mind I'm thinking, I can use this pile for something I mean something, really.... really good and I ask myself  WHAT and WHEN?. Well that time finally came, I thought about creating a series of mixed media paintings,with newspaper using acrylic paint. Blue flower Art I chose a blue  flower as my subject, I may not be a keen gardener, I just love flowers and how they bloom and color our lives.  Besides that, my garden and that of my neighbors are filled with flowers, all popping different colors. I love the blue because it looks out of place, amongst red, white, yellow and the greens. HOW I MADE MY BLUE FLOWER ART....... I created this Art by drawin