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Abstract Painting with Egg Crates | Artmiabo

Abstract Painting with Egg Crates  When a good friend of mine dropped by my house over a year ago, She brought with her  50 empty paper egg crates.  She told me she had just  uncluttered her house when She  thought  of me!. Wow that was huge for me. Now, don't get me wrong, my house is not an incinerator nor a refuse dump. She had no idea she had just sent my imaginative mind racing.  I thanked her and pondered, for almost a year on what exactly to do with this Greek Gift. It was there staring at me every time I was in my garage/studio, I knew it had huge potential but how?                         EMPTY EGG CRATES Finally I decided to use it as a base for an oil painting. I thought to myself it must have an appeal and value.I kept processing it in my mind, from a crea tive and marketing point of view, on how best to go about creating something out of these crates sitting in my garage. Which you will find below when it was still work in progress, I also thought it