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Abstract Art lip Service to Shop 


Abstract paintings I make are inspired by nature, humanity and societal events, my medium is abstract expressionism.

 They could be anything, topics range from, flowers, women, men, war, disasters, climate change, poverty, politics etc anything that grabs my attention is fair game for my art. 

For me, this painting was just one of those paintings you imagine and then just go for it with paint, paper and brush hoping to title it later. I painted it just that way, I knew it had to do with talking, but I needed the right adjective.

After I finished the artwork, I put out a post on Facebook asking people to name the painting for me, it was beyond hilarious.

Then Muni King Keazor, who also participated in the naming hunt, nailed it when she titled it 'LIP SERVICE'. She captured the essence of the painting more so than the artwork itself.

And then, it dawned on me the inspiration for this art was inspired by lip service that is so prevalent these days, we all say things we don't mean and that leaves all of us in lip service harms way....

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 Problems persist unsolved, issues remain unchecked and daily, we are bombarded with promises of a certainty that never comes. We are made to live with this lip service while our conditions remain stagnant. 

My painting  shows only lips and is devoid of a face,so no emotions can be detected neither can a sex be ascertained because 'it is what it is', lip service.


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