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By Artmiabo Tutorials for Artists

Art guide by Miabo Enyadike
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This digital E-book is an art guide on how artists can promote and sell their art and crafts globally. Artists like you and me are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach...and show our art to a global audience through the most efficient and cost effective way.

When I could not fathom how to show my art without representation in an art gallery I knew I had to learn a new way of doing that. Being in a foreign country, where I could not do a physical business or take up employment I decided to look for other ways to monetize my Art and the answer was the internet!

Today my Art and Crafts are all over the internet on different platforms... I sell Art to different parts of the world from the comfort of my home....

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By Artmiabo Tutorials for Artists
N1000 Naira

This E-book is a guide that shows you ideas of crafts to make and sell. It is meant more as a pictorial guide of different unique crafts that sell and this can help you create your own unique crafts to sell.

Crafts are a large income earner for those into making handcrafted goods. This is another way of selling and sharing your skills with people. There is a need for a lot of things out there, and craft makers creating good craft are selling big.

I make a lot of money from crafts made from recycled objects and also new stuff. People are more inclined to buy when they know the source of the craft and the maker. Word spreads fast if your craft items are good and resonate with people.

If your craft is unique and takes care of a niche, say for instance wedding cards, birthday gifts, interior decor, you will find clients who need these things in droves. I make mostly craft for interiors, specifically bottles. I turn discarded bottles into decor items for unique home styling, using various appealing textures to create bottle art pieces.

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This E-BOOK is a simple tutorial of How to sell your Art in places other than the usual outlets. This is a guide that enables you do the unusual, how to sell your art in a restaurant...

There is money to be made, as artists we know how difficult it is to sell art. There are no clear cut ways we just have to be creative and cost effective when looking for avenues to get eyeballs on our art.

My first experience in selling art in a restaurant was in 2014, I collaborated with a restaurant in Johannesburg and the exhibition was a success. The owner invited all the clients we agreed on low priced refreshment and people showed up in droves. Who does not want free food and drinks with art to go along with it.

I gained good collectors and sales, bagged a TV and Magazine Interview and more followers of my art and blog online. My collectors from that exhibition still buy till this day and I have continued a low cost way of exhibiting in restaurants… This is how…

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