Handmade Crochet Baskets By Miabo Enyadike

Handmade Crochet Baskets 

Crocheting, is back in all forms and people are taking it to new levels.

                                Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 The need for unique Art or handcrafted objects for decor, can not be understated, as it is so sort after right now. 

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

Rope is increasingly, used in interior decorating either as macrame, or for other desirable objects.

                         Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

 I am a huge fan, of handmade items and accessories. I look out for the human touch,  the craft and time invested in a piece.

Crochet bag by miabo enyadike

Also the fact that no two, can be the same. 

                              Crochet floor pillows by miabo enyadike

These baskets and floor pillows, where made that way, they where designed to be used as decor accessories, that are statement and stand alone pieces. 

                                    Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

They are washable and versatile. They are made, with 100% organic cotton rope.

                              Crochet Rope Basket by miabo enyadike

 These ones where made for my home, and I love them because they are unique in the true sense.........Enjoy.

                                 Crochet Rope Baskets by miabo enyadike

                      💖💖💖                                                   Miabo Enyadike

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