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Printable Wall Art to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

 Printable Wall Art to Shop AFFORDABLE  FLORAL ART PRINTS FOR INTERIOR DESIGN Floral Art is always fascinating to me, I never get tired of drawing flowers with Ink, that is the reason that led to me making Art Prints out of my black and white series due to popular demand.  They are now available on  in all sizes and on different materials. Black and white floral drawings are the most attractive because of how simplistic they look yet sophisticated.  I drew each one on white watercolor paper, with black ink and pen with a 0.4 mm tip.    The most pleasant feeling about these drawings is they just remain fresh and enjoyable to have.  YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE FLOWER ART PRINTS AND ACCESSORIES | MIABO ENYADIKE Each time I view them in my Art portfolio I just love them again.  I was inspired to draw them a while back after reading, a vintage book on English garden flowers I bought in a hospice store. Flora

Geometric Abstract art to view by Miabo Enyadike

Geometric Abstract art to view   Abstract geometric paintings is an art style that has been practiced for a long time. Artists of every artistic genre use geometric lines and colors for artwork and art projects.  ART STYLE   Cubist artists like Henri Matisse, Picasso and the rest used a lot of lines and shapes in their artworks. My inspiration for geometric abstracts paintings is drawn from nature's landscape especially viewing landscapes from an aircraft.  I enjoy this style of art because it provides an opportunity to tell my own narrative about how I see nature's colors and how climate change is affecting it. CLIMATE CHANGE INSPIRATION Climate change is a huge factor and a constant conversation as we view our natural environment destroyed and decimated by bush fires, vicious hurricanes, excessive flooding, and earthquakes. Australia bush fires and the Amazon bush fires are clear examples of climate change.