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Contemporary Abstract Art Flower Garden by Miabo Enyadike

           Contemporary Abstract Art Flower Garden   FLOWER GARDEN PAINTINGS    BY MIABO ENYADIKE         FLOWER GARDEN PAINTINGS                      ART FLOWER GARDEN PAINTINGS BY MIABO ENYADIKE Abstract flower paintings are meant to create a different perspective on how we see flowers in Art. Abstract flower or Abstract floral art is made with different mediums and expressed individually according to the Artist style.   My art style is colorful and bold, I love to mix colors directly on the paper and allow these colors to create a mirage of combinations of colors that are harmonious.                      Flowers are loved by everyone and it is a subject that is close to my heart, I have painted loads of flowers in Abstract and this series is just another one that demonstrates that with nature there are no color trends.                      My Abstract flowers series demonstrates that and creates an opportunity where colors stand-alone yet they combine we