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Arty Home Accessories and Accents to Shop


                                    Artistic Home Decor and Accents 

My Inspiration, as an Artist and Designer, comes from nature and colors. I, create bold, colorful and cheerful art, from  events and colors of nature, that inspire me.

 I love to, mix and match these colors, to create original pieces of work, in art and design that is beautiful, to collect.

 I also hope, each piece of work I create, tells a story, inspires and brings joy, to my audience and collectors.

Home decorating, is something I'm very familiar with, as a certified interior decorator, my clients always request, for very Arty pieces in their homes, when I advise on their decor choice.

 And for me, that always opens up, another opportunity for me to extend my creativity, by giving each client, something unique that is original that they, can identify with.

 I, always take into consideration, the floor plan and how much risk, I'm willing to take and how much risk my client, is willing to accept. 

That way, it informs my judgement, on how far or less far, I can go with bold colors and abstract design, which is my strength. 

I, create home accents with my original Art, so my clients, know where the art and design, is coming from and the backstory, of each piece that is placed in their home. 

It is, always exciting when my client, is somehow involved in the selection, of decor accents. For me, the back and forth, is the challenge. 

The most, important thread, is satisfying the clients and their brief. One thing, I have found out, is everyone, loves an original anything and something that is authentic. My Art and designs, offers that.

The need, to be different and authentic, is why I do what I do.....Enjoy.

Miabo Enyadike

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