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Textile Art To View   

My trip to my home country Nigeria is one that is well overdue been away for so long, I almost forgot all my traditional Artist friends, I used to buy Art from to support their craft.

Textile String Art 'Women' by Chief Sunday Toba

I ran into an old friend Fatai, who is a traditional Textile Artist from the Osogbo area of western Nigeria.

                    Fatai Textile Artist 
                           +2348181139788 Bankol Art Osogbo

This area is known for their folk  Art and Craft and tourist come from all over the world to visit and buy their craft. 

               Fatai Textile Artist (Chiffon Batik)
                             +2348181139788 Bankol Art Osogbo

My friend Fatai brought back fun memories through the anecdotes and stories he told when we ran into each other again after almost a decade, it was truly refreshing and humbling.

                Chief Toba with his String on Textile Art
                          'Women' by Chief Sunday Toba

 I invited him over for an afternoon tea and he showed up with a long lost friend of mine an Artist who is known for his  String Art.

Textile String Art  by Chief Sunday Toba

 Chief Toba an Artist friend of of mine came along with his art and I had a blast. Listening to the creative process and the inspiration  behind his subject matter.

Textile String Art 'Mama and Child' by Chief Sunday Toba

Toba's Art is simple, yet intricate and well made with strong use of color to tell traditional stories, from his hometown of Ibadan in a way only he can tell.

Textile String Art 'Horse Riding' by Chief Sunday Toba

 He's use of fancy thread woven into strings to create Art that is not only captivating and Pure is why I love his string Art! and decided to blog about it. 

Textile String Art 'Birds' by Chief Sunday Toba



                Miabo Enyadike


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