Art objects I made | Artist home, By MiaboEnyadike

Art objects I made  

I create art that is inspiring and mostly from found objects.
The purpose is to restore back function and beauty to these objects.
There is a certain fulfillment in me when these discarded objects are created into art, for us to enjoy.

The last five months for me has been great fun, restoring  found objects into art  and craft that is functional and purposeful. 

My main objective is to give value to these objects, with the hope that I can inspire others to take a look around them and be more creative with what we have.

These objects vary from egg crates, egg shells, wood boards, old boxes, disused tiles, jean pants, old vases, used bottles e.t.c

This a curated space with some of the found objects that I have turned into art enjoy......

Curated Art and Craft by Miabo Enyadike.

Cutated Art  by Miabo Enyadike

                                  Revamped Suit Case as Storage for Books

Art of a Woman' on Wood Board by Miabo Enyadike

Curated Art and Craft in living Room by Miabo Enyadike.

Painted Jeans Fabric Pot.

Roped and painted bottles, Art on wood boards.

Art on Old Ceramic Tiles

  Art on old door, Ceramic Floor tiles, Egg shells and Crates

Plastic North African Mats in Floor Pillows  


Broken Egg Shells in Egg cases (Art Object) by Miabo Enyadike.

                               Miabo Enyadike