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Abstract Art design Night Lights 

Abstract Art design Night Lights

Lights what can I say I love lights!, the ability of lights to change or determine the mood in a space is absolutely fascinating.

 Interior decorators, architects, designers, stage designers, movie directors e.t.c know the importance of lighting in any aesthetics.

Every artist, need lighting to enhance their work in exhibitions and in galleries.

Shops need proper lighting, to create a certain atmosphere and drama, in there display to maximize shopping.


 All these perfect lighting arrangements is what makes a store,a stage play, restaurant, bedroom, you name it stand out.

 My fascination with lights, is forever and one that keeps me always, on the look out for new light designs.

 This has inspired me, to place my art and designs on these night lights, that could be used to light up spaces at night,giving those spaces a soft glow and a conversation piece as well.

Check out these lights in zazzle.com/artmiabo
                    Miabo Enyadike

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